The NaKu-Team

DI Mag. Johann

Technical director

Johann and his wife Ute Zimmermann founded the company NaKu in 2007. From then on they planned to only produce polymers that cause minimal damage to humans and nature.

When he is doing research for NaKu, he looks for anything that is not being used for his testing; watch out, because any scrap items lying around will be instantly transformed into biopolymers. It is not for nothing that he is known as “The brain of the mission”. Throughout the years, he has courageously held up his position against the outnumbering female superiority in the NaKu office and always knows how to motivate his team.

Mag. Ute

Commercial executive

Ute carries an enthusiasm for natural polymers so immense and pervasive that it grasps those around her as well. Johann Zimmermann refers to this as her ability to spread the “NaKu fairy dust”.

Although she works as the commercial executive of NaKu, with her good mood and an inexhaustible stock of gummy bears she also makes sure that the working atmosphere is comfortable and motivated. Everyone agrees that “She just knows how to work a room.”

Fabian Coosmann,

Assistant to the manager

Fabian is multitalented; he can complete just about any task handed to him. He is currently studying for his Master’s degree in sustainable production design at the Austrian Marketing University of Applied Sciences.

Since December 2017, he has been working vigorously at NaKu, and has found himself to be a perfect fit due to his sustainable ambitions and unique variety of applicable studies. Basketball fills his heart with joy. He plays for the Freizeitclub Flamingo (“Club Flamingo”) in Vienna’s Co Basketball League. To stay fit, he likes to ride his bike to work if the weather allows it.

Michael Rottensteiner


Michael Rottensteiner supports the company since December 2018 when it comes to IT questions. His excitement for knowledge and commitment is unlimited, why Michael is studying Business Informatics.

He is working in the IT industry for more than 10 years now. To avoid becoming a couch potato, he is an enthusiastic runner as well and often accompanies Johann and Ute Zimmermann during their training sessions.

Kerstin Schreihans


“Everything is possible” – that is Kerstin’s motto. She is part of NaKu since December 2018 and has taken up marketing a creative member of the team. At the same time, she is studying “Green Marketing” to earn her Master’s degree at FH Campus Wieselburg.

Kerstin is also an enthusiastic globetrotter and constantly searching for sustainable ideas, concepts and products.


Office dog

Tinkerbell has studied at the pet obedience school has worked for NaKu since 2012. Her main duty is to loosen up the working atmosphere; everyone who doesn’t play or cuddle has lost.

She also likes to perform endurance tests with the NaKu products, sometimes by command, but also sometimes secretly under the desk, unseen by the rest of the NaKu crew. Tinkerbell also works as doorman and a post dog for the company.