Bioplastic recycling

Recycling of natural plastic

Natural plastic is very easy to recycle

Recycling of bioplastics - sustainable, resource-saving - NaKu's vision is to combine recycling and organic with its products, because natural plastic is primarily recycled and is also very easy to recycle. Even if the quantities are not yet available, it is important to combine the two supreme disciplines of sustainability - regrowth and recycling. That's why we prefer to see our NaKu products in the yellow sack or in the plastic collection. With our products, both the sorting and the recycling and, in the last step, the XNUMX% recovery of the molecular building blocks works very well. This depolymerization means the recycling of raw materials and is easier for us with lactic acid to avoid loss of quality.

Our plastic carrier bags are compostable and made from renewable resources. Our bags are therefore ideal for collecting organic waste due to their size and thin appearance. In this case, the bag can then be composted together with the waste and is still useful after its end of life. However, if our compost collection bags are thrown away empty, disposal in the plastic collection is more suitable, as the bag is recycled instead of composted. Our NaKu bottle is also in very good hands in the plastic collection and can therefore be included in the recycling process.

We think recycling makes more sense than rotting and we wish that raw materials will be used again in the future, which is why recycling will play an important role. Unfortunately, the recyclers still lack the quantity and material flows.

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