The vision of NaKu is to combine bio and recycling. Natural polymers should primarily be recycled. The two supreme disciplines of sustainability belong to a combination of regrowth and recycling. Therefore, we prefer to see our NaKu products in the synthetic material garbage bin. With our products, sorting, recycling and the hundred percent recovery of the molecular building blocks work very well. This depolymerization means the circulation of raw – we use lactic acid to avoid a loss of quality.

Our bags are compostable and made of renewable resources. Due to their size, our bags are ideal for collecting organic waste. In this case, the bag can then be composted with the waste and is still useful after its End of Life. However, if our bags are thrown away empty, better use the synthetic material garbage bin because in this case the bag gets recycled. Our NaKu bottle should be disposed that way as well because they will be included in the recycling process.

We think that recycling is very useful and hope that raw materials will be re-used more often in the future.

Recycling process