Bio-plastic made form corn starch

Raw materials for Biopolymers

Different raw materials

Biopolymers can be produced from many different raw materials. All starch-containing plant products can be used as resources for natural polymers, including corn, potatoes, sunflowers, grain or sugar.

NaKu uses a corn-based starch compound to produce their breathable fresh-storage bags. This corn originates from European agriculture and is GMO-free.

Bio-plastic made form corn starch

In the manufacturing of our various products made of natural polymer, the technical properties of the material are thoughtfully considered. For instance, NaKu bottles use a starch-based PLA (lactic acid) as raw material, which is made from cornstarch which has been shown not to be genetically modified. This is very important to us for all our products.

Sunflower seeds

Recently, NaKu has started using sunflowers as a resource to create our office and storefront display cases. The seed husks are used as a raw material for natural polymers in an upcycling process. They are a waste product of sunflower oil production.

Many other substances can be used for producing natural polymers. To further improve the quality and properties of our plastics, we usually infuse them with oils, resins, cellulose, vitamins, and water.

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