NaKu Projects

Here is a selection of our previous projects

An environmental-friendly solution for those, who do not want a packaging made of plastic and petroleum.

Built 100% from nature: Made of natural resources – just plants and/or lactic acid. Also the BioPE cap is made of 100% natural plastic.

Free from plasticizers like phthalates, bisphenol A, BHPF or antimony.

Recyclable and compostable! Just have a look at our NaKu Double Loop.

7% lighter than plastic!  This saves CO2 during the transport.t.

Julia Bugram

An art project by Ms Julia Bugram with the motto “Community works – together we are more!”. Our colorful ants made of natural polymers support the vision of talking about art and creating something new as a community: connecting people, places and memories!

Firma Hirsch

In co-operation with the Hirsch company, different solutions for packaging product development for watches were created.


Our natural polymer is very versatile – even products for babys are possible!


The combination of nature and technology is not a contradiction, but an important basis for our work. Our big idea should not only revolutionize packaging. Waste shall stay in the generation that causes it.
But: also polymers can be natural!