Die NaKu PLA-Flaschen aus Biokunststoff
NaKu gewinnt den Energy Globe Austria
Biosackerl und Bioflaschen
NaKu Bio-Apothekensackerl
Marktstand mit Biosackerl
Die NaKu Bio-Flaschen
Die NaKu PLA-Flasche aus Biokunststoff
NaKu gewinnt den Energy Globe Austria
Die NaKu Apotheken Sackerl
NEU! Die NaKu-Apothekensackerl
Die günstige plastikfreie Alternative!
Sag nicht Plastik zu mir!
Biosackerl aus natürlichem Kunststoff sind weiterhin erlaubt!
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100% natural. 100% sustainable. 100% compostable.

Kompostierbare Einkaufstüte

NaKu bags

The organic bags based on maize starch are breathable and water-resistant and compostable. We offer a huge product range.

More about NaKu bags

Flaschen für Gemüse- und Obstsäfte

NaKu bottles

The ecological drinking bottles made of bioplastic. Free from plasticisers like phthalates, bisphenol A, BHPF or antimony.

More about NaKu bottles

NaKu Bio Freezer-bags

NaKu Freezer-bags

Ideal for freezing food. They simultaneously preserve the quality of the food and keep it longer fresh.

More about freezer-bags

NaKu Bio Fresh-storage bags

NaKu Fresh-storage-bags

A practical multipack. The NaKu storage bag rolls are shirt carrier bags in practical rolls of 10 pieces each.

More about fresh-storage-bags

Flaschen für Gemüse- und Obstsäfte

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