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NaKu eU
Viktor Kaplan Strasse 2, 2700 Wiener Neustadt
Office: Albert Schweitzer Gasse 5, 1140 Vienna
T: +43 660 5517789

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August 31.08.2022, XNUMX – NEW press release! The 120% sustainable NaKu PLA bottle - a world first from Austria!

August 31.08.2022, XNUMX – NEW photo for press release! DI Mag. Johann Zimmermann with the 120% sustainable NaKu PLA bottle

31.05.2022 - 15 years of NaKu – 15 years of natural plastic

04.11.2021 - Energy Globe Vienna – photo material award ceremony

20.10.2021 - NaKu was awarded as the winner in the Earth category at the Energy Globe Austria and is also nominated for the 22nd Energy Globe World Award!

20.10.2021 - Video of the project submitted to the Energy Globe 2021

20.10.2021 - Energy Globe federal state/Austria/worldwide – photo material project

11.10.2021 - MikroPlastik

25.05.2021 - Fake organic bags

22.04.2021 - Environment

23.02.2021 - Paper

25.01.2021 - Food waste

27.10.2020 - Don't call me plastic!

11.09.2019 - FachPack 2019

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NaKu shirt carrier bag

NaKu fresh storage bag roll

NaKu freezer bag roll

NaKu rolls

NaKu bottle 250ml-clean

NaKu bottle 250ml-colorful

NaKu bottle 250ml-colorful

NaKu bottle 500ml-colorful

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Basic information about NaKu

NaKu - Of course. renewable. Compostable

The Austrian company NaKu is a family business that has set itself the goal of replacing conventional plastics with those made from renewable raw materials. The NaKu founding team consists of the young entrepreneur couple Ute and Johann Zimmermann and has been conducting research and product development with natural plastics since 2007. The two are regarded as pioneers and experts in this field.

Why natural plastic?
Plastics from agricultural crops such as potatoes, corn or grain are very similar to conventional plastics and can be processed using the same production methods and machines. If natural plastic is exposed to wind, weather and above all bacteria over a longer period of time (several weeks to months), it will rot. In this way, products made of natural plastic can be disposed of with household waste or composted after use. The natural plastic from NaKu has the special feature of being both recyclable and compostable. "Due to their good degradability and high biocompatibility, plastics of natural origin are ideal for everyday products," says NaKu Managing Director Johann Zimmermann. As a result, they have great potential to replace conventional plastics, especially in the beverage and packaging industry, and thus make a valuable contribution to resource and climate protection
afford to.

The NaKu range with added environmental value
The use of natural plastics at NaKu ranges from various carrier bags, fresh storage and freezer bags to bottles. All NaKu bags and pouches are breathable and water-resistant organic bags based on corn starch or sugar and not only score with their climate-friendly production, but also offer clear product advantages. It has been proven that foods such as fruit, vegetables or bread are kept fresher for longer. The special thing about the bags is that they can be used over their entire life cycle: this starts with carrying them home sustainably, continues with keeping products fresh and ends with the
Use as a biowaste bag. In addition, they decompose in the compost within a few weeks into their natural components water and CO2. NaKu also produces beverage bottles and cans from the biopolymer polylactic acid, PLA for short, which is made from vegetable starch and is completely recyclable.

This innovative material has mechanical properties similar to those of conventional PET, enabling the production of different bottle shapes and sizes. In the manufacturing process, on the other hand, the PLA bottle has a much better CO2 balance than petroleum-based materials. It is also free of plasticizers such as phthalates, bisphenol A, BHPF or antimony and can also be used to store fruit juices or smoothies, among other things. With this promising innovation, it will therefore be possible in the future to offer consumers of disposable items more environmentally friendly solutions. Because, according to Zimmermann: "With our products, environmentally conscious behavior doesn't stop with the packaging."

innovation and responsibility
Linking the latest technology with a high degree of environmental responsibility is at the heart of NaKu's company philosophy. "Our goal is to use natural plastics to design future-oriented and practical products that meet both economic and ecological requirements," says Managing Director Zimmermann. At the end of the product life cycle, NaKu products can serve as a growth basis for new raw materials. The merging of nature and technology is therefore no longer a contradiction in terms, but a future necessity and an important basis on which many more industrial processes should be built. NaKu also endeavors to keep transport routes as short as possible. Raw materials are also sourced from European growing areas and production takes place on site.

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