NaKu mit freemee cosmetics

Test production for natural cosmetics cartridge started

As promised, we are reporting to you again on the progress of our packaging project made of bioplastic for the natural cosmetic products from freemee cosmetics. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, with several steps being taken to fine-tune the individual components of the bioplastic cartridge and to optimise the injection moulding tools. The first test production has now also started.

If you haven’t followed the NaKu packaging project made of bioplastics so far – the company freemee cosmetics has developed an ingenious and sustainable reusable jar for its cosmetics. The sustainable reusable jar itself is made of wood and has a rotating glass lid. Inside is an exchangeable cartridge made of bioplastic from NaKu. In this way, reusability is combined with a sustainable solution made of bioplastics. Even the production of the natural cosmetic cartridge is located in Austria to keep transport distances to a minimum.

Who is freemee cosmetics and why they are working together with NaKu is explained by the two young founders of the company, Hannah and Patrick, in the following video. To cut a long story short, it all started when Hannah and Patrick wanted to have the components of their reusable jar for the various freemee natural cosmetics products produced sustainably and regionally, the individual components of the jar should also be made from natural raw materials. But see for yourself:

How does the jar work?

Prototyp Naturkosmetiktiegel und Naturkosmetikkartusche aus PLA
Jar prototype

The cosmetic jar from freemee cosmetics consists of three main components. A square wooden container made of walnut or oak contains the core, the actual cartridge made of polylactic acid (PLA), a bioplastic. The cartridge contains the cream and when you turn the rotating glass lid at the top, a slide moves inside the cartridge like a screw, which moves the cream outwards to the opening. The advantage of this principle is that no residue remains in the cartridge and there is no need for annoying scraping out of the last remnants. In this way, valuable resources are not thrown away unused, as is the case with many packaging solutions even today. This ingenious dispenser system also ensures an optimal dosage of the cream quantity.

What is in the cream?

Usually only isolated active ingredients or individual components of a plant are used in cosmetics – freemee has chosen a different path by incorporating the entire flower, and not just isolated parts. The main ingredient of the cream is the rose. Its circulation-promoting, moisturising and smoothing effect makes care products with rose ingredients ideal helpers for dry and experienced skin.

Why the rose is so effective only in its entirety can be compared to an orchestra. Each individual instrument has its relevance. If one is missing, the sound is no longer perfect. It is the same with the rose – each individual substance contributes to its effect. If we isolate parts, the power is no longer the same.

The scent of the rose has been found to have positive effects on the heart rate and the parasympathetic nervous system. Those who are surrounded by the delicate scent of roses generally feel more relaxed and connected to nature.

Like hardly any other oil, wild rose oil supports skin regeneration and stimulates cell renewal. It is also anti-inflammatory and therefore not only suitable for dry or mature skin, but also for impure skin.

A study proved it: an apple with 100 grams (about 4.6 mg vitamin C) has the same antioxidant effect as 1500 mg isolated vitamin C.*.

That is why the rose in the freemee rose set acts like an orchestra playing its best symphony and the skin is optimally nourished with the highest power of the rose.

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