Selfmade natural polymers
Eco-friendly PLA bottle

How to make NaKu – natural polymers – yourself

Try to make natural polymers

First, mix 1/4 liter of whole milk with two tablespoons of vinegar in a pot and heat it. Make sure that the mixture does not cook! Stir constantly during heating. The milk flocks out and first lumps of natural plastic are being formed.

Use a sieve to remove these flakes from the pot and squeeze out the liquid. Then knead and roll out the mass. Now, the rolled-out natural plastic can be shaped, for example with cookie cutters.

Put the plastic molds for 45 minutes at 70 degrees in a preheated oven to dry. The figure is made of natural plastic!

Tip: before putting inside the oven, make a hole in the top of the figure so that you can hang it up! The natural plastic can also be dyed. This works best with:

  • Red beet juice
  • Curry
  • Curcuma
  • Water colors
Selfmade natural polymers
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