NaKu Natürlicher Kunststoff
Natural Polymers
natural. renewable. compostable.
NaKu Natürlicher Kunststoff
Natural Polymers
natural. renewable. compostable.
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„The combination of nature and technology is not a contradiction, but an important basis for our work.

Our big idea should not only revolutionize packaging. Waste shall stay in the generation that causes it.

But: also polymers can be natural!“


Discover the world of NaKu Austria

100 % natural. 100% renewable. 100% compostable.

Compostable bio plastic bag

The NaKu Bag

Free from harmful substances. Recyclable and compostable! Groceries are kept fresh for a longer period of time.

Flaschen für Gemüse- und Obstsäfte

The NaKu Bottle

The plastic-free alternative. Free from plasticisers like phthalates, bisphenol A, BHPF or antimony.

Herstellung von Naturkunststoff

NaKu Projects

An environmental-friendly solution for those, who do not want a packaging made of plastic and petroleum. We are open to new ideas and solutions!

Natural polymers and its advantages

NaKu products are plant-based

Built from minimum 50% renewable raw materials

NaKu products are eco-friendly

Free from harmful substances

NaKu products are recycable

Recyclable and compostable! Just have a look at our NaKu Double Loop.

NaKu is the perfect plastic alternative

The global oil reserves are preserved. The CO2 emissions are minimized.

Nature and polymers – a contradiction?
It works with NaKu!

NaKu products fulfill their purpose and protect our environment. Packaging material has never been so sustainable. From the selection of natural raw materials, through the production of the products (bottles, bags, etc.) to the rotting process.

Double Loop of Sustainability

The NaKu Infocentre | Current topics

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