Eco-friendly PLA bottle

The NaKu PLA Bottle

The plastic-free alternative! Ecological drinking PLA- bottle.

An environmental-friendly solution for those, who do not want a packaging made of plastic and petroleum.

Made out of Polylactic acid (PLA), a natural polymer made out of sugar.

NaKu products are plant-based

Built 100% from nature: Made of natural resources – just plants and/or lactic acid. Even our BioPE cap is made of 100% natural polymers.

NaKu products are eco-friendly

Free from plasticisers like phthalates, bisphenol A, BHPF or antimony.

NaKu products are recycable

Recyclable and compostable! Just have a look at our NaKu Double Loop.

NaKu is the perfect plastic alternative

7% lighter than plastic!  This saves CO2 during the transport and reduces our carbon footprint.

NaKu Standard PLA Bottles

Discover our selection of bottles!
More about the NaKu Bottles

NaKu PLA Bottle – 250ml

The small PLA bottle – ideal for
to-go products and every pocket!

  • Height: 138,5 mm
  • Diameter: 55 mm
  • Neckfinish 38mm 3starter
  • Weight: 20,5 Gramm
  • Also available in small quantities
  • Reusable
Water bottle made from PLA

Biodegradable water bottle

NaKu PLA Bottle – 500ml

The big sister – when you are really thirsty!

  • Height: 193,5 mm
  • Diameter: 65 mm
  • Neckfinish 38mm 3starter
  • Weight: 21,1 Gramm
  • Also available in small quantities
  • Reusable

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Individual PLA Bottle

Your personal individual PLA bottle – made of natural polymers

We also produce our NaKu PLA bottles and cans according
to your special and individual wishes.
We will make an offer for any desired geometry on request.
The minimum order quantity for customers with
own geometries is 25.000 pieces. The delivery time is between
6 and 8 weeks. For larger order quantities, the PLA bottle can also be colored.
For further questions and to clarify your individual wishes
and ideas, we are happy to help. Contact us any time via phone or email.


The combination of nature and technology is not a contradiction but an important basis for our work. Our big idea should not only revolutionize packaging, but help waste to stay in the generation that causes it.
Because: also polymers can be natural!

Johann Zimmermann
Natural bottles without plastic
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