Material manufacturing

Compounds for the production of bio-polymers

Material manufacturing Learn more about the basis of natural polymers Material manufacturing – the basis of a natural polymer is a renewable raw material that is refined into a compound. The compound is a fine, grainy substance that can be

Raw materials – Biopolymers

Bio-plastic made form corn starch

Raw materials for Biopolymers Different raw materials Biopolymers can be produced from many different raw materials. All starch-containing plant products can be used as resources for natural polymers, including corn, potatoes, sunflowers, grain or sugar. NaKu uses a corn-based starch

Definition of Natural Polymers

Compostable Shopping Bag

Natural Polymers – definition The NaKu plastic cross The term “biopolymers” is broad and abstract. There is no uniform or legal definition. All products that are either made from renewable raw material or are biodegradable can be considered biopolymers. That

Advantages of natural polymer

Advantages of natural polymers

Advantages of natural polymers Why should I buy NaKu products? Natural polymers produced by NaKu have numerous advantages over traditional material. NaKu is non-toxicTraditional polymers can emit pollutants like plasticisers (bisphenol A) to their surroundings. In contrast, all components of

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